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Charity & Fundraising

Ever since the school was founded the children, staff and parents at Broomwood Hall have raised money for charity, something that we view as being integral to the children's education. Until 1994, our charitable fundraising was somewhat haphazard, with a number of charities being supported over the course of the year. In 1994 it was decided that it would be better to choose just one charity from all the many good causes, and so the idea of a "Charity of the Year" was born. This allowed us to focus on raising money for a single charity which, it was hoped, would meet all or some of the following criteria:

• small in scale

• local to our area, or having some connection with the school

• something that our children can relate to, or perhaps even become involved with

• willing to come to school to make presentations and give information to our children

Over the years the school community raised more than £550,00. Smaller donations continue to be made from funds raised on specific occasions (Harvest Festival, Carol Services, Bishop of Southward's Lent Appeal, for example) to other good causes with links to the school or to charities nominated by St Luke's and St Leonard's Churches.


From September 2011, all funds raised by the school community have gone to our own charity – The Northwood African Education Foundation – known as "Broomwood in Ethiopia." This charity was set up to raise funds to acquire the land, build, equip, staff and run a school in Ethiopia, providing excellent, free education for children who might not otherwise have access to schooling of any sort. It is also something that our children can and have become involved with and benefit from in a variety of ways. For more information, please go to


In a nutshell, the project was and is


- To construct and set up a school just outside Gondar, in Ethiopia, initially catering for the first two years of primary school - the 4-6 year old age group

- To build up the school to full size over a ten year period

- To provide finance for it on an ongoing basis, raised by charitable contributions, both from Broomwood Hall parents past and present, and from outside sources

- To promote the closest possible links between Broomwood Hall in London and the new school in Ethiopia, and in every way possible to involve the children in the project from  the outset

- To make a real difference, in a practical way, to a deprived and desperately poor part of the world