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The Broomwood Hall Parents Association

Broomwood Hall has a very active Parents Association (PA) which was set up to organise the social activities of the school and to raise money for charity. Both of these are achieved throughout the school year by holding events aimed at the parents and children alike. Past events have included a Bollywood Party, Summer Fete and Dog Show, Quiz Night, Sponsored Reading Competition and lectures on a variety of topics such as 'e-safety'.


The PA is run by three appointed Chairmen, a Secretary and Treasurer. It is also made up of a representative from each class in the school (who holds the position of Class Rep for a year) and they attend the twice-termly PA meetings and help with the activities that are organised during that year.


The fund-raising is not for the benefit of the school but for appointed charities. However since 2011, the majority of the funds raised via the PA's efforts go towards the Broomwood in Ethiopia Charity.


In addition, there are three Cake Sales held throughout the school year and three separate charities benefit from the proceeds. These are chosen by the parents each year.


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The Cake Sale

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