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From the Headmistress - Mrs Carole Jenkinson

Jenkinson Carole - Sep 14 1

My job as Headmistress of Broomwood Hall is simply to give the children in our care the very best start to their education, and thus equip them for life. To us every child is an individual, whose wide-eyed curiosity at the age of 4 is something to be treasured, nurtured, and developed while at the same time they are introduced to the formal structure of school life that awaits them in the Upper School and Northcote Lodge.


Broomwood Hall has come a very long way since its modest beginnings, and yet its ethos and culture have hardly altered. Our curriculum and teaching methods have adapted and developed to absorb research into how children learn without losing the tried and tested methods which have been so important in our own successes. It is a joy to be able to combine the traditional and the innovative to provide the best possible start for your child's education.


Parents naturally expect that when they send their children to a school such as this they will soon acquire the basics. But we aim to impart far more than that, by offering experience, wisdom and breadth of education. At Broomwood Hall, we achieve our aims by fusing a modern approach to a traditional base, tailoring our curriculum to the demands of the 11+ and 13+ syllabuses, which offer a broad range of subjects that we teach using a wide range of strategies.


We are a family school, with a strong sibling policy. We believe in education as a partnership and encourage parental participation in, for example, plays and excursions. We maintain a healthy and active dialogue between parents and school over their children's progress. And we do all we can to promote friendly and open relationships between children, staff and parents.


So, why should you entrust your child's education to us? That is a good question, and we hope that this website will give you a feeling of what Broomwood Hall is all about, what you can expect from us and, most importantly, what we can do for your child.


If you think it is what you may be looking for, do come and talk to us.


Carole Jenkinson, Headmistress