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Why work at Broomwood Hall?

Broomwood Hall is an independent pre-preparatory school (the Lower School, co-ed, 4-8) and preparatory school (the Upper School, girls 8-13) which, together with its associated boys' preparatory school (Northcote Lodge, boys 8-13), can provide a range of teaching experiences and opportunities from being in charge of a Prep (reception) Class of wide-eyed 4 year olds to teaching Latin and Greek to a scholarship class of 13 year old boys or girls.

We're located in the leafy and pleasant Borough of Wandsworth, true family territory with its shops, restaurants, commons, playgrounds and leisure facilities, generous houses and excellent transport links. You can almost get a sense of being in the country, yet we're only a couple of miles from Chelsea.

We are a family-owned, family oriented school, something that shines through in everything we do. We believe strongly in education as a partnership and we encourage parental participation wherever possible – for example in plays and excursions. Open and friendly relationships between children, staff and parents matter hugely to us, and over the years the schools have themselves come to resemble a family much more than an institution, something in which we take great pride.

And we're a traditional school, yet with plenty of good forward-thinking methods - as we like to think of it, "the best of the old with the best of the new". Our class sizes are small (20 maximum) and our pupils, no matter what their age, are polite and willing, and know that they come to school to work and to learn - at Broomwood Hall, in a 40-minute lesson, you should never get less than 39 minutes of teaching time.

  • staff work in a team environment, sharing ideas across sites and departments, planning together across year groups
  • we are a school with a strong Christian ethos
  • different age ranges
  • staff have the ability to move between schools
  • we employ a number of specialist staff in French, science, Classics, music, PE and so on
  • there are excellent opportunities and ample budgets for professional development with INSET training and day release to attend courses
  • we have an outstanding mentoring programme for NQTs and RQTs
  • we provide a uniformly pleasant and supportive working environment
  • there are opportunities to plan and take part in overseas trips, field trips and excursions
  • there are plenty of extracurricular opportunities for staff who want to become involved in more than just academic work
  • our payscale is well above the national pay scale we offer contributory private health insurance
  • subsidised school fees are available for staff children

As one member of staff put it: "Our girls are a delight to teach and every day is a new adventure. The atmosphere is alive with learning and I feel privileged to be a part of such a supportive and happy family. Every detail has been thought of; a delicious staff tea is provided on days when we have parents' evenings, we have a beautifully landscaped garden (extremely rare in London!) to enjoy on summer days, a gift on our birthdays and many an opportunity to socialize with all staff."

We couldn't have put it better!